Expand With Me

I am happy you’ve found my corner of the internet, you’ve hopefully come to join my movement of mindful living and building a mindful daily practice. We cannot accept each other if we cannot accept ourselves. I have urged friends, strangers, and elders to not only to love themselves, but be comfortable with(in) themselves, I hope to inspire a larger community from this blog. There are highs and lows of self- discovery and, for some of us, creating a relationship to spirit. I truly believe that love is not an emotion but a state of being, and when we find ourselves in the state of Love we can experience the true extent of ourselves and others. It’s not always the easy choice, but it prevails to serve the greater good. I will write of my own development and personal experiences as well as recommend books, podcasts, music, articles, etc that may help you on your own journey of self- discovery. Join me.